Aries: In the middle of a Venus retrograde, you should look for ways to access our inner softness. Let people know what’s going on in your heart. Ask yourself the questions you often shove into the corners of your mind. What does love mean to me? How do I show my love to others? What does an ideal relationship look like to me? Letting someone help you with something this week can be a great exercise in vulnerability and graciousness. 

Taurus: With your ruling planet in retrograde, you are feeling worried and distracted, even on the most uneventful of days. It can be hard to stay present. You may also find that you are putting pressure on yourself to “fix” everything for the whole world — an impossible feat for anyone, even such a strong and willful Taurean like yourself. It’s OK to feel frustrated. You are doing your best, and it is, in fact, enough. This week we say farewell to Taurus season and welcome Gemini season — this free-thinking air sign gives us the space to practice the art of letting go.

Gemini: Welcome to your season, Gemini! I never support any negative Gemini bashing ( i.e., Twitter and Insta astrologers). I think Gemini is a wonderful sign. We are lifted from the grounding Earth energy of Taurus and into the curious, intellectual energy of your sign. It’s a refreshing breeze. Sure, retrograde season may be causing the gears to stick in some ways, but you love a puzzle that begs to be solved, right? Introspection, conversation and playfulness are highlighted during this time, but so is restlessness and ennui. Since Gemini are twins, you are no stranger to duality. Let’s take the good with the bad. 

Cancer: Between the sun in Gemini and Venus in retrograde, you may be reacquainted with old versions of yourself or taking up a renewed interest in hobbies that you have previously retired. There is often a lesson to be had in the nuances of such revisitations. You have made progress over this past year, even if you feel like you haven’t, and it can be therapeutic to honor where we have come from. The new moon on May 22 is all about acceptance, but also about moving forward. Mercury entering Cancer on the 28th wakes you up in unexpected ways.

Leo: The sun’s move into Gemini highlights your self-expression and socialization sector all month long. The moon in your solar first house on Wednesday and Thursday has you looking extra enticing to others, and someone you may have never suspected could be thinking of you very fondly, even if they are far away. Venus is still retrograde, and this transit is showing you what you want and need from your relationships. Open-mindedness and transparency are your best friends right now.

Virgo: We are now in fellow Mercury-ruled sign Gemini’s season. The best way to harness this energy is to reconcile all of your contradictory parts. No one is defined by just one thing, and you are certainly no exception. It isn’t disingenuine to have different “sides” to your being. Allow yourself to just — be. It is a bonus if you also afford this freedom of dynamic expression to others as well. Perhaps people aren’t as fake as we think. Only celebrities have that kind of artifice when you really think about it.

Libra: Your ruling planet’s retrograde journey is taking you on a trip down memory lane; as the week progresses, you are carried further. You might find yourself reflecting deeply on the past, reconnecting with people you haven’t reached out to in a while or sifting through old journal entries. A lot can be gathered from these revisitations, just beware of becoming lost in the labyrinth of your mind. It’s OK to go with the flow during this month of heavy retrogrades. Things will fall into place naturally, and any hard work will feel more like scrambling.

Scorpio: Venus retrograde seems to suit you well. While everyone else is immersed in complete chaos, you are finding this emotional high. You spend your days in a moody, broody meditation this week, which gets your creative juices flowing. Your conversations are pointed and sincere, and your artistic side shines. You may be feeling more open and willing to share your secrets than usual. Your friends will find this refreshing since we know Scorpios have a reputation for being quite tight-lipped. People will be willing and excited to listen.

Sagittarius: You feel that you are improving every day despite outside hardships and pesky anxieties. Venus retrograde is helping you see what you want, what you don’t need and who you can trust. Venus is all about what we value, and this is a time of realignment and reevaluation. It may be time to say goodbye to someone or something. Venus retrograde is a make or break for certain relationships. The new moon in Gemini at the end of the week furthers this point.

Capricorn: Despite the confusion of retrograde season, your mood feels charged and refreshed. You are able to problem-solve efficiently. During this time, it feels particularly good to feel wanted, so when called upon to do a favor for a loved one, you happily oblige. Prioritize comfort as Venus stays retrograde all through the month.

Aquarius: This week combines mental and emotional themes. Inspiration, creativity, and romance are highlighted in this week’s transits for you. The beginning of Gemini season is like a sigh of relief for you as you are comfortable with your fellow air sign. The mood is lighter, and you feel you have more room to think and experiment. 

Pisces: On May 20, the sun began a month-long transit of your home life and family sector. This combined with Venus retrograde means you are doing some serious thinking and potentially drawing up plans for a future overhaul in the home, or within intimate relationships. It’s like updating an app. Romance, creativity and comfort are highlighted during this cycle. How will you honor your desires?