Aries: You could be feeling a little hungover after the May 7 full moon in Scorpio; it brought you some intense nostalgia and desire, seemingly out of nowhere. With the weekend’s arrival, things lighten up with the Sagittarius moon. Practice letting go. The sun still transits your second house of material and finance. Beware both overspending and overthinking in this department as both result in a stress that is two sides of the same coin.

Taurus: Do what you feel like you do best, Taurus. This week is not for trying new things, but it is prime time for operating within your comfort zone. Showcase your unique skills. Focus on the areas of your life that bring you a sense of ease and confidence. After the full moon on May 7 in Scorpio, you’ll be fine-tuned to listening and feel less judgemental of yourself and others, which can be incredibly liberating. May has a lot of radical transparency and honesty in store for you. 

Gemini: This week, Venus moves out of Taurus and into your sign, where it will remain until August. This is good news. Venus in your sign brings out your best qualities; you can be extra magnetic at this time, which may mean you’re attracting more attention than usual. Making a good impression feels easier, and your skills as a mediator or peacekeeper may come in handy in a (virtual) social setting. However, even though you are in the spotlight in some regards, the sun in your 12th house has you feeling somewhat reserved and pensive. Going all-out isn’t in the cards this month, so keep the indulgences within reason and beware of excess of vanity.

Cancer: This week has you feeling extra affectionate and expressive about matters of the heart. A feeling of openness and candidness can emerge at this time. After last week’s full moon set your heart ablaze, you feel inspired by that energy to keep the embers glowing. The past seems to creep up on you mid-week. Beware of becoming lost in the forest of your memories, as it can be a beautiful but also a dangerous place. Take things slowly as Mars moves into favor with your first house on May 13; decision-making is a multi-tiered process. Romantic drama looks enticing from the outside but has the potential to be a real can of worms these days. Are you just motivated to get into it because you are bored?

Leo: This is retrograde season, dear Leo, and that means that it is a time full of contradictions. On the one hand, you are feeling particularly sparkly and attractive, and on the other, you are feeling indecisive and easily overwhelmed or agitated. Mars enters your 8th house on the 13th and motivates you to examine your relationship dynamics more closely, both the good and the bad of the whole thing. What works and what doesn’t may become a little clearer. Hold off any big decisions until June 26 when Venus retrograde completely ends and goes station, as our emotions run high during this time. This time is more about observation and feeling than it is about springing into action.

Virgo: The sun in your ninth house focuses on your inner life, experiences, values, friends and awareness of the world. You could be feeling more curious and outgoing than usual. New friends and relationships are likely at this time. Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Gemini on the 11th and gets your gears turning even more in the social and communication departments. Problem-solving and decision-making skills increase under this alignment for you. You feel particularly attached to the idea of fairness and understanding as you proceed forward this month.

Libra: A week of contradictions ensues. Mercury enters its comfort zone in Gemini and highlights communication and connection. You may be feeling extra flirtatious and chatty under this aspect. Then there’s the catch, your ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde on the 13th. During this time, indecisiveness abounds, intrinsic value seems hard to estimate and relationships can feel tiring. Consider this as a bit of a workout. Venus retrograde is an exercise in patience, forgiveness and self-love. While the Mercury in Gemini speeds us up, the Venus retrograde slows us down.

Scorpio: The full moon that occurred in your sign on the 7th has left you with an enterprising and attractive energy. This month feels busy, and you could be multitasking in some pretty odd ways. Burning the candle at both ends is a likely course of action for you, Scorpio. Many of the things you want to do are on hold as you find yourself taking care of the things you need to do, thanks to Venus going retrograde later this week. While people may be making you lots of tempting offers, hold off on making big commitments, deals or purchases.

Sagittarius: Some things you thought you wanted lose their appeal this week, and it may be freeing to end the chase. Meanwhile, some things that were previously in the background can become more of a priority. During this time of Venus retrograde, you may come to realize the true meaning of quality over quantity when it comes to friends. Someone could be offering meaningful support to you even from afar, lighting up the dark brilliantly.

Capricorn: We are going to have to collaborate if we hope to have any enjoyment during this retrograde season. Personal relationships play a key role as Venus goes retrograde this week. This is a slowdown period for business and finances. Energy is best spent learning, relaxing and enjoying pastimes like board games or video games. Stressing about productivity can bring on a Sisyphus and the boulder scenario, and you may be locked into a fruitless endeavor if you let your stubbornness get the best of you. 

Aquarius: A big reassessment may feel necessary this week surrounding love, finances, aspirations or your priorities. Venus retrograde starting on the 13th jump-started by last week’s full moon in Scorpio, brings to light how we would like to best spend our time and exert our energy. What brings the biggest reward with the least amount of stress? Just because something is difficult to obtain doesn’t necessarily mean it is of greater value than other things that are more readily available.

Pisces: With Mars entering your sign this week, you can be feeling restless. This combined with Mercury’s current location in your solar chart, can make for some blunt and less than pleasant verbal slip-ups on your part. Exercise caution and be sensitive to how things are coming across to loved ones. The good news is that the sun in your solar third house has your solo intellectual pursuits feeling particularly fulfilling and enriching; retreating with a good book isn’t the worst idea. Not a lot can be done with so many planets ready to go retrograde this month; kick back and try to enjoy the ride