Horoscopes: May 1-7, 2020

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The month of May starts with a thought-provoking and contemplative vibe. With your ruling planet of Mars still in the heady sign of Aquarius, you have been unlocking many of your mind’s hidden doors. You know yourself well, but there is always more than you imagined. On the 6th and 7th, the Scorpio moon highlights your martian energy even further; you may feel intense but also withdrawn. This week is sleepy, dreamy and creative in an ephemeral sort of way. You spend so much time in your head that days seem to slip away. 

Taurus: The triple Taurus energy is still kicking with Mercury, the sun and Venus in your sign until the end of the month. You may have some secret projects in the works that you haven’t discussed with anyone too much. Your gears are turning about ways to reinvent yourself, make money and feel more confident and fulfilled. This is all happening quite quietly and almost subconsciously. Taurus is famous for being deliberate and practical. You aren’t here to leave anything up to chance, and you also know that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Gemini: The first week of May adds some romance and intrigue to your sun sector. Your ruling planet of Mercury in the lovey-dovey sign of Taurus adds some warmth to your usually unceremonious style of communicating and relating. It may be easier to access deep emotions and to express those feelings more eloquently and earnestly. Attachments feel easier to make and maintain. Sticking to one thing at a time should be simpler, and you may notice an improved attention span. Build existing relationships, forge new ones and diversify creative and career opportunities — Taurus also has a lot of influence over material goods and finances.

Cancer: This month, there are many planetary aspects in Earth sign, Taurus, which gives form to your otherwise watery, free-flowing nature. You may be feeling more willful and empowered. Now is a time for forging out on one’s own in regards to work projects and creative endeavors. Independence and ingenuity are in focus; enterprising moves are rewarded — even more so on Monday and Tuesday when your ruler, the moon, enters the sign of Virgo. This week is all about organizing, visualizing and enacting. If you lead with confidence and conviction, much can be accomplished.

Leo: Don’t stop now! Taurus’ protective influence in the sun, Venus and Mercury is watching over us as this month begins. The new moon last week felt challenging, as we confronted some of the hard-to-face realities of the world. This week is the time to find healthy ways to cope — find those things that we do have control over and build upon those foundations. Relationships, money and the home are highlighted during this transit. Motivation and visualization can feel less urgent and more manageable to access thanks to prevalent Venusian vibes. A grounded center will help you achieve a great deal. 

Virgo:  You will be pleased to see that structure and routine are back on the menu. May starts by continuing the earthy practical Taurus triad that the sun, Venus and Mercury have going, without the uncertainty and ungroundedness of that rather jarring new moon we experienced last week. Dwelling on mistakes made during unexpected circumstances of the past few weeks can potentially distract you. Forgive others and yourself. Ignoring and repressing your feelings may be tempting, but acceptance is the key to moving forward. Money matters, relationship issues and self-image struggles will resolve themselves; the less you fuss over them, the better.

Libra: Mental clarity and communication improve as May begins. Your ruling planet in your fellow Venus sign of Taurus helps you feel grounded and connected. April ended on a discordant note that threw you off balance. If you are single this month, it is not advisable to make new connections hastily; discernment will be your best friend. If you are currently in a relationship, start working on building trust and cooperating on the fundamentals of the bond. In money and career matters, independent endeavors yield the best results.

Scorpio: Your attention turns outward as May begins. So many planets in your opposite sign of Taurus have you feeling curious and inquisitive about others. Your attention is usually focused more on your inner workings, and you seem preoccupied most of the time, but you are more socially and romantically inclined these days. The fine spring air smells like love. You can be a great comfort to friends, an exciting distraction for a new potential lover and a support for your community at large. You have an inviting and honest aura about you that is palpable and attractive to others.

Sagittarius: Finally, optimism reigns as May begins. Last week’s uncertain, mournful energy chilled us to our bones. This week, we see our plans come back into focus. With three planets in Taurus, we have our sights set on material gains and comforts. Independence, both emotionally and financially, becomes your biggest motivator. You are also warming up to a more easy-going attitude toward socializing. For the last few weeks, you have been feeling very guarded and protective of yourself, but now you feel like you can afford to be a little more trusting.

Capricorn:  May is a month more suited to your tastes. With Venus, Mercury and the sun in fellow Earth sign, Taurus, there is plenty of goal setting and rationality to go around. You are looking for ways to streamline routines, gain a foothold in beneficial echelons and improve domestic affairs. You are seeking to talk to the right people and make functional relationships with a common goal. You may also find research, writing and studying more fulfilling than usual. Learning and communicating are in the spotlight under the influence of Mercury in Taurus. Information is power. We know how much Capricorns enjoy power.

Aquarius: Relationship matters are in focus during this first week of May. After the new moon last week that exposed your weak spots, fears and desires, you have a greater insight on what works for you and what doesn’t. This new vulnerability is a great strength, even though accepting it was difficult. The Venus influence over our love and home sectors brings attention to living situations, shared spaces and common goals. Clear and practical communication is possible, and you find trusted friends and family are open to your ideas and concerns. You also can be an understanding ear for others. Mutual support and teamwork are the hubs of success for May. 

Pisces: Thoughts become easier to articulate this month, thanks to Mercury in Taurus. The careless words of others that usually deeply wound you are easier to disregard during this transit. Your shell feels a little harder. Things seem to be running a bit smoother, and you can feel your feet firmly on the ground again. Dating and romance may take a back seat at this time as you feel somewhat disenchanted by it all these days. This leaves more room for professional and platonic relationships that feel more substantial and less stress-inducing.