Horoscopes: April 24-30

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: An innovative spirit takes precedence as you finish out the month of April. The moon in Gemini during the weekend sparks some outside-the-box thinking that could be of great help to you. Others will be intrigued by the example you set. On the 27th, Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus and aligns with the sun, also in Taurus, putting practicality, use of space and grounding energy in focus. Words take a back seat, and calm, deliberate action is your key to success.

Taurus: As we journey further into Taurus season, you withdraw deeper into yourself; those close to you may find you unusually quiet. Mercury will enter your sign on the 27th, which adds to your contemplative energy in a big way. Your individuality, personality and aptitudes are highlighted in this transit. Finding activities that complement and put your skills to good use will become especially relevant to you in the following weeks. You may surprise yourself with your capabilities. You have a strong need to feel needed and useful these days.

Gemini: The moon in your sign over the weekend has your head buzzing with alert energy. You may find it difficult to sleep, given all of the electricity you are generating. Find mentally stimulating activities or exercise; trying to suppress your energy can lead to anxiety. Some relief arrives by Monday and Tuesday as the moon enters Cancer and your ruling planet Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury in Taurus slows things down and focuses more on quality over quantity. Decisions are made slowly during this time, but they are made with confidence and thoughtfulness. 

Leo: This week’s transits create a good environment for teamwork and sharing beliefs and ideas. The sun and Mercury in Taurus bring focus to duty, responsibility and care. You will feel like you are in demand more than usual for the next few weeks, and the tone you set now will carry far into the future. This is a time of building community and realizing our inner strengths. Your self-image is in focus during this time. As a Leo, ego, pride and self-esteem can be rather touchy subjects, heavily influenced by outside experiences. The more faith you have in yourself, the brighter you glow. 

Cancer: Just sitting back and watching how things play out this week is your best option. Jumping to conclusions and acting on feelings of tension will not produce the desired results or really any results at all. The moon in your sign on the 28th and 29th gives you a sleepy, retiring type of vibe that makes you want to curl up on the couch for the next 48 hours — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This week calls for some major restful regeneration. Less is more for now. The sun and Mercury in Taurus show us the meaning of “slow and steady wins the race.” 

Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be entering Taurus mid-week, making it a great time to invest in a balanced and enlightened perspective. Repairing old miscommunications and completing unfinished tasks can be done more smoothly and with more enthusiasm right now. Mercury in Taurus allows us to understand those to whom we are closest lovingly. Mercury in Taurus can also show us where we have been cruel and unforgiving toward ourselves, which makes it easier to let go of perceived flaws in others. Follow the current you’ll feel soothing energy. Apologies can be cathartic during this time, and you might find yourself on either side of an opportunity to reconcile.

Libra: You feel a need to overhaul and make long-lasting changes as the month closes out. Your eagerness implies a tenacious spirit. It may be wise to do away with expectations in favor of a more play-it-by-ear approach. Mid-week, the moon enters Cancer, and Mercury enters Taurus. There is a strong foundation built on intuition in these aligning transits. You feel rooted in this and exude a take-charge energy. Jobs, relationships and routines can be started, altered or ended to suit your goals during this time. Perhaps your needs are changing — examine them. Just because nothing is going wrong doesn’t mean everything is right. 

Scorpio: Mercury transits your solar 11th house as the month closes out. This is the astrological house that represents friends, connection, social and public relations and other peoples’ impressions of us. During this time, you find it easier to address people on a one-on-one basis, and groups seem to suit you less and less. You have a focused energy that makes someone feel heard and understood in a personal dialogue. These conversations are also a good sounding board for fine-tuning your ideas and feelings. A deeper understanding of yourself is reached through connecting with others. Romantic and sentimental feelings seem to surface with greater ease during this time.

Sagittarius: You feel like you are in the middle of something big, as though you have reached a midway point on a project or journey. Daily routines and work have a monotonous flow to them. You are feeling energized and capable but also dizzy from the magnitude of all that is going on in your mind. With the sun and Uranus joining together in your 6th house, patience is paramount to your overall well being. There will be curveballs thrown your way, but don’t let them break your stride; this is your time on your terms.

Capricorn: The new moon last week had us facing some inner truths and realities that we are still processing. Finding new ways to soothe and entertain one’s self can be particularly helpful at this time. New hobbies may emerge and provide a great deal of comfort. Setting aside extra time to relate to others is also essential. Mercury is starting its transit of your solar 5th house, which relates to making your debut in the world and how you express yourself. It’s not an easy time, but it’s a powerful and formative time. You will come out of this on the other side, shining brightly.

Aquarius: Mercury’s move into Taurus this week brings your attention to the finer details of life. The sun in Taurus highlights your home life and family sector; expressing your wants and needs clearly on this front becomes important. It is during this cycle that comfort and harmony are most prioritized. Rising to challenges and committing to things can be empowering at this time. You feel you are setting significant foundations for the future, which you are very fixated on right now. Simplifying and consolidating is wise. Spending feels exhilarating these days but don’t get carried away. All of this Venus energy can invoke a materialistic streak if you are not cautious.

Pisces: After last week’s new moon, your intuition is pulling you in some unexpected directions. New interests, hobbies and priorities are coming into view. Self-perception and confidence are ready for a fresh coat of paint. Mercury in Taurus will begin on the 27th, which influences energy levels and communication style. Mercury in Taurus also sets a more mellow tone than the previous month’s Mercury in Aries; you will experience a kind of cooling sensation through this placement. Take advantage by being calmly assertive, setting boundaries and making plans. Also, work toward reconciliations, and tackle the hard issues that otherwise make you feel nervous and shy. There’s no need to rush, but don’t give up either. 

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