Aries:  Unpredictability and epiphanies abound this week. Mercury, in your communication sector, has you pondering and conversing deeply. Profound insight into your inner being emerges as you step further into the subconscious realm. In some ways, you are meeting yourself all over again. The 19th ends Aries season and begins Taurus season, but don’t be sad. The sun in Taurus makes for slow, intentional, grounded energy that will be a welcome change of pace. The new moon on the 22nd is a breath of fresh air as well, but you’ll have to sort through some things you have been ignoring.

Taurus:  The moon is in harmony with your sign this weekend, awakening your inner optimist; a hopeful perspective may wash over you if you let it. The 19th begins the birthday season for you and all your fellow Taureans! There is an energetic shift as we move from the element of fire to earth. Aries season’s fire is all about a consuming drive forward, singular nature, and here-and-now attitude. Taurus’s earthy vibe will bring the attention more inward to focus on practicality, the material world and how it can improve with love and understanding. 

Gemini:  The weekend has a planetary medley operating in your favor with Mercury, Mars and Venus collaborating. This week, put that energy to use by being more assertive and bold — take a stand feels particularly empowering during this time. Gemini, as an air sign, has the power to see situations from all sides, which can be a gift and a curse. Allow yourself to be as dynamic and full of contradictions as you want, but sometimes it feels good to take a stand in one place at a time. The new moon in Taurus on the 22nd is refreshing but could leave us vulnerable to strange whims and impulsivity.

Cancer:  The weekend’s moon will be in your fellow water sign of Pisces. Dreams and intuition have a prophetic element to them during this 48-hour period. The sun enters Taurus on the 19th and brings about a practical yet sensual headspace. It feels good to take a breather after the intensity of Aries season — burning passion has its limits. A game plan and a steady pace suit you best for the next four weeks. Big change comes in small steps, Cancer! The new moon on the 22nd brings up deep feelings and a bit of existential dread, as it squares Uranus and takes us for a rollercoaster ride.

Leo:  Venus continues to transit your 10th house, putting you in an oppositional stance with authority figures, bosses, roommates and even lovers. You are in no mood to be told what to do or how to be. Obligations feel frustrating at this time. Saying no and keeping a low profile feels safest. Meanwhile, the sun enters Taurus on the 19th, taking away that fiery Aries aggression and adding an earthy calm to what you’re trying to do — a welcome change of pace. The new moon on the 22nd asks us to proceed with caution as power and climate in the big picture continue to shift.

Virgo:  Mercury transits your seventh house until the 22nd. Indecisiveness is possible during this period; listing pros and cons can aid you in visualizing what feels best. The weekend has a wave of positive energy that you can ride the wave of as we lead into Taurus season on the 19th. As a fellow earth sign, you will be feeling more like your usual self and can get back into a more consistent rhythm of daily living. Aries season was not the most conducive for that sort of thing. The new moon on the 22nd is squaring Uranus (the planet of trial and tribulations), and this can be a bit challenging for everyone, but through this challenge comes a great renewal.

Libra:  Your planetary ruler, Venus, continues to transit your eight house, which compels you to investigate the immaterial realm. Ideals, relationships, spirituality and emotions will be under the microscope. The sun enters your fellow Venus-ruled sign of Taurus on the 19th, and you feel more at home here than you did in your opposite sign of Aries’. During Taurus season, practicality and sensuality rule in equal measure. This inward energy can teach us a lot about ourselves that we were previously too busy to explore.

Scorpio:  Consciousness and self-expression are keywords for you during this cycle. Articulating your deep fears and deep desires is both easier and harder at this time. You will be shown who deserves your trust and who does not; the truth can sting a bit. The sun moves into your opposite sign of Taurus on the 19th, creating a unique counterbalance to your energy, which tends to create extremes. It’s like standing on your head, but in a good way. The new moon also in Taurus on the 22nd squares with Uranus, which asks us to move slowly and with intention as our hearts can feel quite tender, and the world looks more inhospitable than usual. Be the light in the dark if you can.

Sagittarius:  Mercury in your fourth house increases your power of reasoning and concentration. Learning, memorizing, and “getting it done” are the themes until the end of the month. You may be using this energy to help those in need, and they may be seeing you as a beacon of hope in some ways. Just don’t forget to make time for yourself as well. The new moon on the 22nd has a foreboding energy due to its square with Uranus, but it is also a time of great revelation and renewal. Your ruling planet of Jupiter is still harmonizing with Pluto, and it gives you an invigorating confidence boost. Trust yourself!

Capricorn:  Venus in your fifth house highlights your connection with others. You feel you can be more candid about your affections these days. Mercury’s influence on your solar chart may be positively adding to this. Phone calls, video chats and texting have more of an appeal than they used to, and you are finding new ways to stay in touch and express yourself authentically on new platforms. The new moon on the 22nd asks us to be courageous and headstrong through what feels like a long night. We come out on the other side feeling renewed and emboldened. Your life is not on hold even though it can feel that way sometimes.

Aquarius: Mars’ influence on your solar chart during this cycle can make it difficult to assert yourself; it can be challenging to find where your boundaries are without deep thinking. Lists, charts and visualizing may be helpful tools to set goals. You may be feeling antsy; this energy can be channeled into writing, phone chats or stimulating hobbies.  Focusing on one thing at a time prevents overstimulation that could leave you feeling overwhelmed. As the sun shifts into Taurus on the 19th, we catch a breather from all the intensity that Aries season was serving. There is a focus on sensorial comfort that becomes a priority when the sun enters an earth sign.

Pisces:  When the sun enters earthy Taurus on the 19th, we begin to seek material comforts. Watch your wallet over the next four weeks as you may be feeling particularly compelled to overspend. What you are really seeking is reassurance and solace, which can best be achieved through self-exploration, creativity, and reaching out to trusted friends. Slowing down and moving with intention are the keystones to success in Taurus season. You feel motivated to move methodically toward long-term goals thanks to Mars’ influence on your 12th house. There are things you feel empowered to do that you previously considered impossible.