A Ugandan bill wants the death penalty for homosexual acts


There are so many issues I’d love to touch on in this week’s column: The LGBT Presidential Town Hall held by CNN, family leave for LGBT couples, Log Cabin Republicans, foreign aid and even violence against our community.  That’s quite a list, but I’m lucky because one country gives me the ability to address every single one of these issues: Uganda. The country’s Members of Parliament are pushing for “Kill the Gays” legislation.

Uganda already has legislation that allows gay people to be imprisoned, and now leaders want this legislation to allow for execution. This one piece of legislation addresses each of the issues I’ve mentioned, and here’s how.

The Equality Town Hall was historic and for me — someone who’s been fighting for visibility of our community for 50 years — a dream come true.  Each of you can decide which candidate you believe knew our issues best and had solutions rather then just pandering.

One question really touched me.  “Do you support family leave for LGBT couples?”  The answer brought this: We have little family leave in this country even for traditional couples, let alone LGBT couples, but even Uganda has family leave for those traditional couples. What no one mentioned was that Uganda also imprisons LGBT people and now want to execute them.

Donald Trump has claimed that he’ll fight against countries that voice violence and injustice against LGBT people.  Most of us, simply don’t believe him.  Here’s a place to start — Uganda.  Tell Uganda if they pass the “Kill the Gays” bill, they will lose all U.S. aid…period, and do it now!  Add to that list, Saudi Arabia, where in the last few months they have beheaded gay people.  Yes, you read that right.

Those of you who are Log Cabin Republicans need to tell the president to stand behind his words. If you do not, you are enabling the killing of members of your own community, similar to those from the Jewish community who supported Hitler … look how history treats them.

Let me be very clear.  It is about time that LGBT people stand up against the violence and killing of our people no matter where it occurs and not enable a president who has blood on his hands.