Political Roundup


My Labor Day weekend column is always one that muses on topics that just don’t make it in during the rest of the year.  Little tidbits and thoughts that might give you an idea of what I’m thinking and an opportunity to debate the issues.

On “out”-ing: I’ve always believed that everyone has a right to their own life and nobody has a right to dabble in someone else’s personal life.  There is one exception, though, when that closeted person tries to dabble in LGBT lives — like a closeted person preaching or voting against our rights. That’s hypocrisy and should be challenged. 

On the Presidential race:  Let me be clear, and I hope you feel the same way, I will vote for whoever the Democrat candidate for President eventually is.  And I will make it a point to vote even if I do not like that person for their political position entirely.  Anyone who states otherwise is a disappointment in my eyes and is part of the problem.  We all need to be united no matter who the candidate is.  All of the candidates running in the Democratic field — repeat all — are better than the racist, homophobic Trump, and you owe it to yourself, your community and country to vote in November 2020, for whoever the candidate is.

On Trump: Of course he is a racist. It is the only philosophy that we know he actually holds.  All his other philosophies are influenced by the last person he talked to.

My hometown’s political scene:  Sherri Cohen is battling to be on the November ballot as an out lesbian for City Council at-large.  She comes to the battle with a lot of baggage, and she has progressives, along with Republicans, attempting to kick her off the ballot.  Round one was won by the progressives who have candidates of their own. If she eventually wins, and it’s a 50-50 chance she will, she will be the community’s best shot at having an out person on Council.  The community will then need to have the discussion.  This situation was created from the lack of support from those claiming to be progressive not supporting either of the two out LGBT candidates for Council in the May primary.  Everyone wants a second bite of the apple; it’s up to the courts now to decide who gets that. 

Because we are one of the three Rust Belt states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan — that narrowly voted for Trump, an interest operation is happening here.  Both Republicans and Democrats are trying to register, en masse, a particular demographic: the Amish.  Republicans believe they’re a prime source of votes for them, while Democrats believe that they have a chance at their votes since farmers and the National Farmers Association have now turned south on Trump and his tariffs due to a loss of profitability. Don’t you just love politics?

Finally, which Democratic candidate has the best chance to beat Trump:  If you agree with me that all Democrats need to vote no matter who the Democratic nominee is, then the answer is any Democrat can win.  Let’s go get ’em.