What impact has technology had on the LGBTQ-plus community?

Sophia Holmquist
she/her | Oreland, PA
“I think that social media has really allowed a lot of LGBTQ people to connect with each other a lot more easily than they might have in the past. I know I personally, have made some LGBTQ friends that don’t live close to me, but I still have that connection with them, and I found a lot of self-discovery through the internet which really helped me come to terms with who I am when I might not have been able to in the past.”

Stephanie Connor
she/her | Port Richmond
“I think it’s good because more people can see the positivity of families coming together when people come out with their family, and I also think it’s bad when something happens and all people see is that someone’s gay. Social media twists things, but I think it’s pretty good. People can come together and meet up and plan things. Just like everything else, it can be a good and bad thing.”

Amanda Farese
she/her | South Philadelphia
“I feel that technology has impacted the LGBTQI community to be able to have a further reach across the country and the world to be able to give each other more of a safe space to be able to see that we’re all going through the same thing. I feel it’s important for community to connect to each other on relatable topics.”