An Italian feast for the eyes

Sometimes you need a change of scenery, and the visually appealing La Strada  (2519 Huntington Pike) is fine dining Italian BYO capable of appealing to more than just your sense of taste.

Aesthetically, the bucolic suburban setting paired with an idyllic interior is perfect for a date night, a Sunday dinner or a wedding. Fortunately, the food on the menu is more than capable of backing up the sentiments of those occasions.

The Calamari Fritti a la Modena ($14) is a starter of fried calamari that eschews the usual marinara sauce for a delightful sweet and sour chili sauce. But La Strada, for the most part, sticks to the classics and traditions featuring house-made pasta and fresh ingredients with stellar results.

The eggplant melanzane ($20) is heavenly with paper-thin slices of fried eggplant wrapped in simmering mozzarella and bathed in a robust tomato sauce.

The chicken marsala ($22) is another well-executed classic from the Italian playbook that is full flavored and savory. 

Other standouts on their dinner menu include the spicy, seafood laden linguine pescatore fra diavolo ($36) and the hearty and fragrant gnocchi d’crema al limone ($22).

Save room for dessert because La Strada has some of the best tiramisu ($8) you will find in the area — light in texture with the ideal level of sweetness that doesn’t overpower the notes of coffee found in the lady fingers. Other classics like rice pudding, cannoli, limoncello cake and bomba gelato round out the dessert offerings.

If you are looking for a scenic and culinary escape from the fast pace of the city, La Strada is primed and ready to clear your head and fill your belly.