Have you ever been bullied?


Pat Capaldo
retired | Queen Village
“No, thank goodness. But I’ve seen a lot of it. A member of my family was intimidated by a bunch of mean girls in her school. You know how teenage girls can be. They didn’t want her to be part of their clique and made her feel uncomfortable. She definitely was bullied.”

Michael Kirby
clerk | Kensington
“Yes. Because I’m not a hyper-masculine male, I’ve been teased a lot. Occasion-ally, I’ve been called a faggot. I’m quiet and artistic. In school, students ridiculed me for that. They also would make remarks about my clothing and long hair."

Brian Wackwitz
artist | Queen Village
“Yes, absolutely. I’ve been bullied about my weight, my looks, my sexuality. I’m straight but I’ve been called a fag, simply because I like musicals. Apparently straight men aren’t supposed to like musicals. But I fought my way through it — mentally, physically and spiritually.”