Change is good?


Change is good — at least that’s what the expression is. At times it is, and other times it’s not. But when you are dealing with people, it’s also sometimes sad. We’re having that issue here at PGN. 

Scott Drake, our longtime photographer/art director at PGN, is leaving to follow a dream. He purchased a bed-and-breakfast in New Hope and intends to be an innkeeper with his partner Micheal. Scott’s the guy at PGN who lays out the print publication each week. In that capacity, he evaluates space and decides where the ads go, and figures out how much space remains and what copy will fit where. It’s almost a science. But he’s done it for so long, he can almost do it in his sleep.

Scott has also taken the bulk of the photos that grace PGN’s pages, including the weekly “Scene in Philly” photo pages, of which he’s done probably close to 600 in his tenure here. So, if you know someone who has his layout and/or photography skills, have him/her give us a call.

Simultaneously, we are losing Denise Fuhs. Denise initially came in as a consultant, then agreed to take on the editorship while we were in transition. She originally had agreed to a three-month stint and has stayed past that time, and that is amazing. In that short amount of time, she courted a host of new writers who have brought new ideas to this newspaper. What few people knew was that her daily commute was almost two hours each way.

I’m sure all would agree that her time with us has made this a much better newspaper. And don’t be surprised to see her byline from time to time. 

Scott moves on to a new venture and we wish him much success. As he told me, you will be seeing his byline in PGN as well. Denise is now a newlywed and we’re happy for her and very grateful to her for moving us forward.

Both will be missed, and, as with most people who leave here, will remain part of the PGN family.

Mark Segal, PGN publisher, is the nation’s most-award-winning commentator in LGBT media. You can follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at