Do you think LGBT youth would be better off with LGBT foster parents?


Jason Casey
Student | North Philadelphia
“I do think LGBT youth would be better off with LGBT parents because they’d have a better understanding. The children would have parents who know where they’re coming from and it’s not a constant fighting ground between the youth and parental figures.”

Anita McLarin
Homemaker | Midtown Village
“I think if an LGBT child has straight parents and those parents love that child, he or she should stay there. If a child is rejected by his or her parents, then the child has to be somewhere where they are safe and loved.”

Steve Serafin
Germantown | Peer Counseling Coordinator
“I think the most important thing is their parents are good people but after that, yes, of course I think they would be better off with LGBT parents, because I think they know more about what the youth are going through.”