What would you like to see from Philly’s LGBTQ community?


Bruce Harvey
Retired | University City
“I’d like to see more notices in the newspaper about things like the Mornings Out get-togethers that I go to every week, where 20 percent of the time roughly, they go elsewhere from the William Way building to view something like a retirement community for example.”

Jimmy Knight
Entrepreneur | Center City
“I think people need to have social awareness and start social programs for the disabled. We need to open up about time being of the essence. People get depressed. Maybe some businesses could come together and make it fun.”

Martin Krasner
Retired | Northeast Philadelphia
"There are not enough events, get-togethers and meetings that we can socialize and meet others. William Way has programs once a week but I’d like more. That’s very important because as we get older, we tend to keep to ourselves and that’s not good.”