Maybe this time, there were bad people on both sides?

Rider University recently banned Chick-fil-A from its Lawrenceville, N.J., campus over what the school said was the restaurant’s “opposition to the LGBTQ+ community.”

Bravo, Rider!

More schools should follow Rider’s lead. The university’s action sends a message to companies that, at the very least, are apathetic about the perception they give toward the LGBTQ+ community and, at worst, actively attack and condemn it. Hitting these companies in the profit margin just might raise their attention.

In a week when Congress actually took legislative action to declare that discriminatory rhetoric is not OK for lawmakers and people in power, and that spewing hateful statements is wrong, it’s refreshing to see such a strong stand. And it seems the university doubled-down when it got pushback for its decision.

But for all the university’s good intentions, there are almost always at least two sides to every story.

Students at Rider had overwhelmingly voted to bring Chick-fil-A to the school, making the move by officials unpopular. Also, many faculty, staff members and members of the school community viewed Rider’s stand as a rejection of Christians and the restaurant chain’s conservative values.

A dean at the university took her own bold stance by resigning in opposition to the school’s decision. In her resignation, she cited her own Christian values and devotion to Jesus Christ. The dean praised Chick-fil-A for its commitment to glorifying God and beng a faithful steward.

The dean received significant support, with the wide sentiment being that no one side’s beliefs should outweigh the other side’s beliefs.

Maybe both sides are being discriminatory — one against Christian values, one against non-Christian values. And depending on what side you’re on, you see a justification for the rejection of the other.

The reality is, there is at least a little hate on both sides. Perhaps there are some bad people on both sides as well.

And the winner is …

No one.