Should Empire star Jussie Smollett serve time in prison if he’s convicted of a hate-crime hoax?


Terra Dent
Student | North Philadelphia
“Yes. I believe that if he is convicted, he should go to jail for a hate-crime hoax because it’s not right for people who actually go through it, and he’s just doing it for clout.”

Matt Herold
Accountant | Washington Square West
“I think with this type of crime, it’s more about the mental state of the person than putting them in incarceration. I think a careful consideration should be given to whether this person would be better off going through a rehabilitation program versus spending years staring at a wall.”

Jacqueline Young
Unemployed | Gayborhood
“Yes, he should. I don’t think he should be on the street, and I hope everybody else agrees with me. I think he’s racist. They should really lock him up and throw away the key on him.”