We wish and resolve …

Adriana: My resolution for the year is to highlight more stories from underrepresented groups, especially transgender women of color.

Don: I wish everyone to be more happy and peaceful in the coming year.

Joe: I wish that all mankind inherits the gifts of love, friendship, good health and unity of country.

Kristen: I wish that Americans from across the political spectrum would stop trying to hearken back to a time when America was in a better place. Whenever that time was, women were earning less than men for the same jobs, racism was destroying hope for millions of people and LGBTQ people faced rampant discrimination and exponential vulnerability to poverty, isolation and homelessness. It’s time to look ahead, not back. Human rights apply to all humans.

Larry: My New Year’s resolution is to stay productive and inspired, to keep pushing in a positive direction, to purge all negativity from my day-to-day existence and, if all else fails, resist the seemingly pragmatic urge to learn to responsibly use and own a firearm.

Mark: Like a contestant in a beauty pageant, what we need this year is world peace, better yet, sanity in our government and respectful discussion of our differences in our community. And let the United States once again be the champions of human rights. A tall order, but I’m an optimist.

Prab: My new year’s resolution is to spend more time doing things that bring joy and contentment in life, and to cultivate fond experiences with family and friends.

Sandra: I fervently wish for no more bad news, of any kind: personal, political, societal, national, global … No more pain, no more injustice, no more idiocy. Let’s have only good news, good laughs and, of course, good wine.

Scott: My wish and hope for the New Year is that justice will prevail and we finish 2019 with a Democratic president, which the majority of this country wanted in the first place. Maybe the abolishment of the Electoral College too? Or is that asking too much?

Sean: I hope this is the year the United States finally decides once and for all that hate and blaming are not how you actually make America great.

Tim: My resolution is to focus on being charitable and to refrain from criticizing when it serves no constructive purpose.