How will you usher in the New Year?

Shawn Nesbit
café owner | Wilmington, Del.
“My wife and I will have a great, big feast with family and friends. We’ll focus on being positive. This past year has been very frustrating. We could use some changes in Washington. To work off all that food, my wife and I will salsa dance. She’s from Puerto Rico and we love to dance together.”

Michael Quay
writer | Gayborhood
“Well, I’ll definitely avoid the Mummers Parade. To me, it’s simply an annoyance. I don’t like drunks. Instead, I’ll make the traditional pork and sauerkraut. I’ll hunker down with my husband of 41 years, Frankie. Then, we’ll binge-watch Netflix.”

Candice Thompson
operations manager | West Philadelphia
“I’ll spend New Year’s Day doing research to find a way to become more involved in the West Philly activist community. This is such a politically challenging time. The news is so difficult to watch. For me, finding a positive outlet to effectuate change would be very gratifying for the New Year.”