Will you read Michelle Obama’s new book?


Ellen Appleton
homemaker | York, S.C.
“No. I’ve heard enough from Michelle Obama. She should focus on giving back to the community. She was fine as a first lady. But I didn’t like her comment about not being proud to be an American until her husband was elected president. Why wasn’t she always proud to be an American? Nobody oppressed her. Look where she ended up in life.”

Stefanie Garner
student | Graduate Hospital area
"Yes. She brings a lot of class into the political arena. But I also think she’s very people-friendly. I’m very interested in reading her new book. She’s a great role model for the younger generation."

Rebecca Ulm
art educator | West Philadelphia
“Yes. She’s a wonderful mentor for young women, particularly young women of color. I’ve always found her to be inspirational. I’m sure that whatever she writes, I’ll find it inspiring. I’d also like to learn more about her life leading up to the White House.”