Should tampons or sanitary pads be provided in all public restrooms?


Roman Broberg
dog walker | Northern Liberties
“Of course. Toilet paper is readily available. Why shouldn’t tampons be? If women had more power in society, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If men menstruated, tampons would have been in restrooms 50 years ago. True, they’ll be an added expense for a business owner. But everything costs money.”

Ray Caldwell
musician | Lexington, Kentucky
"Yes, why not? Obviously I don’t use them. But it’s a necessity for women and should be provided. As a precaution, women should still carry them. But they should also be available in restrooms if you run out."

Reed Gillen
editor | Northern Liberties
“Yes. It should be mandated by law. As a trans man, I’d also like to see them in men’s rooms and single-user restrooms. They’re expensive products, not always accessible, and used for a bodily function that you can’t avoid. And they help create a sanitary environment.”