Would you pay for journalism?


Franz Koenig
operations officer | Queen Village
“No. I prefer overseas media outlets, which are free. They don’t cost any money online. And they cover real news, not the local nonsense. I don’t need to read 100 local articles about the soda tax or some zoning dispute. I’ll just read the free articles on philly.com until I reach my quota.”

Robert Winters
crane operator | South Philadelphia
“No. I get my news by watching television. I would never pay money to access news. There’s too much free news out there. Why waste my money paying for news? I feel fully informed by watching the local TV news stations.”

Armony Hutchinson
certified nursing assistant | Camden, N.J.
“Yes. If there’s a news story that I find interesting, I’ll definitely purchase a paper. Even if the paper costs $2, I’ll buy it. I want to do what I can to support journalism. It’s very important in our society. But I wouldn’t subscribe to a newspaper. It’s not a necessity in my life.”