Ugly politics

Over the last 43 years of this publication, we felt we saw about almost everything you could see in politics. But never did we witness a year when candidates for public office use their commercials to totally devalue their opponents — labeling them everything from child molesters to supporting terrorists.

The two biggest offenders in this area are Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R) in his razor-sharp race with Scott Wallace (D), and Bob Hugin, trailing behind incumbent Sen. Robert Menendez (D) in New Jersey.

While the two campaigns are in different states, they do have something in common: Both would keep the LGBT community from having our equal rights. This year, when voting for U.S. Congress or Senate, you may want to ask yourself: Will the Republican leader of the Congress let The Equality Act out of committee? What about in the Senate? 

If Republicans control the U.S. Senate, ask their Senate leader. That would be Sen. Mitch McConnell, the man who confirms antigay judges.

This year, more than ever, vote for our community. Vote for your civil rights.