What’s your reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony?


Gina Bondarenko
gift-shop manager | Queen Village
"He was too aggressive and emotional. People who are innocent don’t have to act that way. Christine Ford was level-headed and reasonable when she presented her story. If Kavanaugh were innocent, there would be no need for such histrionics. I’m not buying any of his testimony."

Deborah Drubin
pet sitter | Queen Village
“Everything Kavanaugh said was total garbage. He threw himself a pity party because someone called him out. His tears were all a show to gain sympathy. But he’s not the true victim in the scenario. He pointed the finger at everyone else but himself.”

Lily Medosch
student | Walnut Hill
“Kavanaugh doesn’t belong on any court, let alone the Supreme Court. He seemed totally unhinged. But I think that was intentional, to derive sympathy. I didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for him. He caused his own problems."

Emily Moylan
theater artist | Queen Village
"It’s terrifying to think someone like that could hold such a powerful position in our country. He was incredibly disrespectful to the Senate, particularly the female senators. His testimony reinforced my belief that he’s a misogynist. The evidence against him is damning. If anything, his testimony solidified my support for Christine Ford."