Do you believe Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh?


William Congleton
warehouse manager | South Philadelphia
“Yes. No one would put themselves through what she’s going through unless they were telling the truth. She’s getting a lot of death threats and harassment. Why would she lie? There’s nothing she gains from lying. Her privacy has been destroyed. Her family has been dragged through the mud. Who needs it?”

Monica McGrath
vintage-clothes seller | Rittenhouse Square
"Yes. The majority of women who make this type of accusation are telling the truth and should be heard. Men who try to silence survivors are a huge detriment to society. I look forward to following the ongoing media coverage of her story. It’s vital that it be told, especially in our political landscape."

Eme Nelson
shift supervisor | South Philadelphia
“Yes. I’m really tired of men thinking they can get away with this shit. I admire her for standing up for herself. She’s also standing up for the MeToo movement. She’s doing a courageous thing. She could have just let it go. I’m glad she didn’t. “

Bryon Wackwitz
store owner | Queen Village
“Yes. There’s ample documentation that supports her story. I don’t find Brett Kavanaugh’s denials convincing. And this wouldn’t be the first time he perjured himself. He lied repeatedly during his confirmation hearings. I definitely don’t think he’s fit for the job.”