What’s your opinion of Former President Obama publicly criticizing President Trump?


Lauren Smith
sales associate | Bella Vista
“I think it’s fine. The truth hurts. But it needs to be spoken. Obama is only stating the obvious. Trump deserves to be criticized. And it’s a perfect time to do it, with the midterm elections coming up.”


Norma Santiago
homemaker | North Philadelphia
“I don’t like it. Obama should be more dignified. He shouldn’t be getting down and dirty with Trump. Let someone else do it. Obama was a great president. Like his wife said, ‘When they go low, we go high.’”


Sadia Bies
game designer | South Philadelphia
“I think it would be great if he did it more often. President Obama is a politician. It makes sense that he’s still involved politically. The current political climate needs people to take a stand on what they believe. I respect his ability to take a stand on things that are happening in politics.”


Cory Sutton
massage therapist | Center City
“It’s necessary for Obama to speak out because Trump is so unacceptable, in many ways. It’s unusual for a former president to criticize an incumbent president. But in this case, it’s understandable. I hope Obama does it more often because we really need a change in the White House.”