How much vacation time do you get at work?


Shainna Davis
eye-practice manager | Holmesburg
"I’m in year one at my job. So I get eight paid vacation days. In year two, I’ll get 18 paid vacation days. That will remain in effect until year five, when I’ll get 23 paid vacation days. I think it’s a very fair benefits package. I’m lucky that my employer is so good to the workers."

Nancy Jackson
certified nursing assistant | Overbrook Park
“I get one week of vacation every six months. I’m happy with that. My job is fairly flexible. I don’t have a strict 9-5 schedule, Monday through Friday. I can set my own hours, to a certain extent. I appreciate not having a rigid structure.”

John Moore
marketing manager | Asheville, N.C.
"Two weeks of paid vacation. I could use a little more. I think three weeks would be a fair amount. But I’m okay with two weeks. I don’t have to take it all at once. I’m satisfied with where I’m at in terms of vacation time. It’s enough to keep me motivated. And I like my job, which helps."

Zereeal Thomas
home-health aide | West Philadelphia
"I get one week a year. I would prefer more vacation time, of course. Vacations are important. Everyone needs a break. A little sunshine is good for everyone. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been to 15 countries in the Caribbean. The last country I visited was Aruba. My next trip will be to Africa."