What’s your opinion of PA state Rep. Brian Sims giving the finger to Vice President Mike Pence on Facebook?


Jay Baber
salesperson | South Philadelphia
"I wasn’t a good thing. It’s not a good image for the government. I don’t think someone with that much power should be doing that. It shows he wasn’t raised well. I wouldn’t do something like that. It’s not my demeanor."

Paul Im
procurement analyst | Dallas, Texas
“I think it’s fine. If anything, it’s an understatement. His gesture is justified, based on our current state of affairs. At least he’s drawing attention to issues that need attention.”

Stephan Keefe
server | South Philadelphia
"Fuck, yeah. I’m a big fan of Rep. Sims. Mike Pence deserved to be flipped off. He’s a despicable person. I hope Mr. Pence is aware of Mr. Sims’ opinion of him and takes it to heart."

Michael Snyder
digital marketer | Queen Village
"I’d prefer more diplomatic behavior by a public official, because giving the finger reflects poorly on us as a society. I understand Rep. Sims’ frustration. I just wish he would express it in a more positive manner."