Should Pride parades revert back to being protest marches and demonstrations?


Izzy Castaldi
actor | Brooklyn, New York
“I would love to see Pride become more resistance-centered. I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves. But it’s also important to understand that much more work needs to be done for the marginalized people within the LGBT community — including trans people of color. We need to let people know we’re not OK with the current state of affairs.”

Ryan Grewal
student | Gayborhood
"Yes. I’m disappointed with the current Pride organization. There should be fewer cops, fewer corporate sponsors, fewer people trying to sell us shit. Pride started as a riot. We should still have that sense of urgency and resistance."

Rebecca Kirk
pensions assistant | Leeds, England
“You can have both [pride and protest]. People deserve to have a day of fun. But I also feel Pride parades are an appropriate place to protest and raise awareness. With all the people in attendance, it’s an ideal opportunity to shed light on important issues.”

Benjamin Woods
graduate student | York, England
“Yes, considering there’s a ton of injustice happening. I say it should be shifted a bit to directly address some of the wrongdoing being committed against the LGBT community. If there’s just singing, dancing and celebrating — you’re lulling people into apathy.”