Pride edition: What would you like to see included at next year’s Pride celebration?


Keyona Alivair
home health aide | Cherry Hill, N.J.
“The festival lacks diverse creative performances and events. I want to see an array of artists on the main stage and at the other events that take place throughout the weekend.”

Kendrick Berks
Air Force | Dover, Del.
“I want to see a booth or an event that’s specifically for LGBTQ military men and women. With this current administration trying to attack certain parts of the community, it would be nice to see the festival incorporate some of our voices and our stories.”

Selena Cabrera
Singer/Songwriter | North Philadelphia
“I want to be comfortable celebrating Pride with more people who look like me. It’s hard to find any events just for people of color. I hope next year’s celebration includes more spaces for queer women of color other than JUICE.”

Casey Sleighton
student | West Philadelphia
“I want to see more diversity in the programming and more community events leading up to Pride. I want to be able to participate in more events other than just the festival.”