SELF-ish because sometimes one must be

“SELF-ish” is a powerful, joyous and heart-wrenching book. The courage and determination of Chloe Schwenke pondering the truths about transitioning and facing family, friends and coworkers is captivating.

Whether or not you know transgender people, I have to believe this story shares common themes of fear, self-preservation, sanity, depression and perseverance that transgender people experience. Schwenke has done herself and the community a favor by bringing her thoughts and emotions onto the pages. This permits a look into the mental, physical, psychological, emotional and societal hurdles she and others face.

The book is crafted to simultaneously cover various aspects of Schwenke’s transition. There are sections on friends, coworkers, family, the pre-transitioning thought process and more that permit the reader to almost experience the thoughts and emotions at times. Sometimes an accompanying photo, like one at a family gathering with siblings, reveals new layers of acceptance, denial, love and pain.

One poignant phrase comes near the middle of the book when Schwenke talks about her relationship with her father. Their relationship grew rocky after her revelation, she writes. Sometimes when he was trying to communicate, he’d lapse into her old name and former pronouns. During Schwenke’s final year with her father, “he shared many very personal thoughts and memories in ways that conveyed his acceptance of Chloe and his love for his children — no matter how they were packaged.”

“SELF-ish” is an intimate look not just at one person’s life, but the lives around it, leaving readers to ponder how much more difficult being transgender is than simply being gay or lesbian.

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Staff pick:

“Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotica” is such an exciting new piece of trans media. Edited by Tobi Hill-Meyer, it’s a gift of 30 sexy, liberating stories — all by trans authors and for a trans audience. Erotica can so often be alienating to us trans readers. This collection serves as a breath of necessary air, acknowledging our realities through truly amazing and healing stories. We deserve this level of contentedness.

— Lu, staff member at PAT @ Giovanni’s Rooms