What’s your reaction to the recent Yale sleeping-student incident?


Elena Karmazin
radio producer | Fairmount
“I can’t wrap my head around it. People fall asleep in common areas of dorms all the time. The person who called police definitely overreacted. She was 100 percent in the wrong. It would be different if a 50-year-old man were sleeping in the common area. That might have been a valid reason for concern. But in this case, it was another young student.”

Caitlin McCann
student | Manayunk
"Unfortunate-ly, white people call the police about people of color way too often based on suspicion rather than fact. I don’t know all the details of the incident. But from what I’ve read, it’s very concerning. College campuses should be safe spaces."

Evita Quinn
photographer | West Philadelphia
“That incident reeks of racism. If it were a white girl sleeping, that wouldn’t have happened. Racism is deeply ingrained in people. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to fix it. There’s no doubt in my mind that racism will always be a part of American life. I’ll be 80 years old and still be hearing about these incidents.”

Manuel Rodriguez
software engineer | South Philadelphia
“It sounds like racial profiling was involved. Racism is very prevalent in America. From the little I know about the situation, it seems to me that racism played a role in how it unfolded. I just wish there were more tolerance and acceptance of diversity in society.”