Are you boycotting Starbucks?


Kyle Chvasta
social worker | South Philadelphia
"Yes, I’m definitely going to boycott Starbucks. It’s been shown that what happened in Philly wasn’t an isolated incident. And Starbucks isn’t pro-workers’ rights. The pay is bad and people are overworked."

Asa Lee
sales representative | Germantown
“Yes. I don’t like Starbucks at all. I didn’t like the way they treated those two gentlemen. Starbucks is a public space. They shouldn’t have hassled them once the men explained the situation. They had a legitimate reason to be there.”

John Maresch
Realtor | Northeast Philadelphia
"Yes. I won’t patronize them for the time being. I need to find out more about exactly what happened before I would consider going back. I love their chocolate-covered espresso beans. They get me all amped up. But those beans are a far cry from being enough reason to go back to that place. At this point, I’m staying away."

Victori Richardson
cell-phone representative | Germantown
"Yes. I’ve seen the video. It didn’t give me an easy feeling. I didn’t see anything pleasing that would cause me to go there again. If they make some positive changes, I’d give it a second chance. But for now, I’m boycotting."