Does the CEO of Mazzoni Center have to be LGBT to lead the agency effectively?


Daniel Bowles
personal trainer | Lawrenceville, N.J.
“Let’s be fair. Turning down someone simply because of their sexual preference or gender identity is discrimination. You have to look at the talent and intentions of the person. After all, this is America and everyone deserves an equal opportunity for employment.”

Joseph Chiaro
medical student | Queen Village
"Yes. Someone who’s LGBT has a better understand-ing of issues the community faces on a daily basis. It’s fine to have non-LGBT people participating in the agency. But they shouldn’t be the CEO. It all goes back to having the actual experience as an LGBT person, in order to lead the agency."

Kevin Huang
artist | Northern Liberties
“No. It shouldn’t be necessary for the person to be LGBT. If the person is qualified, their LGBT status should be irrelevant. It doesn’t matter who you are. Instead, what’s important is how you function on the job. LGBT status shouldn’t be a qualifier. And the community shouldn’t engage in reverse discrimination.”

Joseph Riggs
magician | South Philadelphia
“Yes. It’s an LGBT center. So an LGBT person would be the logical choice to be the CEO. They’ll be making the important decisions. Nothing against straight people. But they wouldn’t have the best knowledge base to hold the CEO job.”