Who’s your favorite lesbian in history?


Edward Beckerman
house painter | Novato, Calif.
“Moms Mabley. She was a funny woman. I have all of her albums. When I die, my children will get them. I need humor to get by in life. And Moms Mabley always made me laugh.”

Joel Spivak
architect | Bella Vista
"Josephine Baker. A very talented lady. She was a star performer. She had to go to Europe to become famous because black women weren’t accepted in this country. Millions mourned her death."

John Stone
network engineer | South Philadelphia
“Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a great American. And she was for the underdog. All Americans should be for the underdog. I’d love to see her face on a coin.”

Violet Zakhary
officer administrator | South Philadelphia
Anaïs Nin. She was a huge inspiration for many people. I really like one of her quotes: ‘Dreams are necessary to life.’ That quote resonates with me. Her memory will live on for the ages.”