Dollars instead of trans equality  


Former City Councilman Bill Green announced that he’d be running for Congress against incumbent Congressman Brendon Boyle, a major LGBT ally. I wish I had a way to describe how this makes me feel.

Maybe I should just remind everyone in our community that Bill Green was the only Democrat on City Council to vote against the city’s most comprehensive LGBT-equality legislation, which included one of the most trans-inclusive clauses ever put into legislation at that point in the nation. Then-Councilman Jim Kenney introduced the bill before he became mayor. Green voted with two other Republicans and opposed the 14 other Democrats in favor of it.

He soon left City Council in disgrace and Gov. Tom Corbett appointed him to the School Reform Commission. Was that a payback for voting against the most trans-inclusive legislation in the nation? Eventually, it seems, he lost his way there as well.

At the time, we all agreed that he was toast in our community. I’m so glad he’s running, since it gives us a chance to again unite against Bill Green.

Once again, I wish there was a way to show you how the community felt at that time.

Oh — there is. Here’s the link to that article from 2013, and how Green, in his own words, put dollars ahead of our trans community: