Should there be a national holiday honoring the LGBT movement?


Teya Crawford
student | Gayborhood
“Yes, I support that. The LGBT community has faced a lot of discrimina-tion. They’ve overcome many obstacles. A national holiday would be well-deserved. Also, it will raise awareness about LGBT issues. Everyone should be aware of the LGBT community.”

Benjamin Huenecke
violin-maker | South Philadelphia
"Yes, it would be nice recognition for an underserved population. It’s long overdue and I would value having the day off to honor my LGBT comrades."

Alaska Monaco
student | Passyunk
“Yes. But I hope they don’t commercial-ize it. As a pansexual woman, I don’t go to Pride anymore. It’s become so commercial-ized, it’s ridiculous. But if an LGBT holiday can be done in a respectful manner, I’m all for it.”

Mark Winters
solar-panel installer | West Philadelphia
“Sure. Everyone else gets a holiday. Why not the LGBT community? I’m not gay. But I have a lot of respect for the LGBT community. I’m all for giving them a day to be honored.”