Should local Pride organizers ask Kathy Griffin to entertain at an upcoming event?


Paul Ferdinand
travel agent | South Philadelphia
“Yes. I admire her. She was simply exercising her right to free speech. She shouldn’t be penalized for that. Our city has a very long-standing tradition of tolerance. We should host her for that reason.”

Tyrone Hanible
student | Bella Vista
"Yes. Give her that helping hand. She needs some help right now. I think she’s funny. She’s done quality entertain-ment in the past. We’ve all made mistakes. She’s human. Give her a second chance."

Kirk Parsons
recovery specialist | West Philadelphia
“Yes. I’m a huge fan. It would be great to have her at a local Pride event. She would be well-received. Her humor is over the top and infectious. I love seeing her at any opportunity I can get.”

Michael Smikovecus
pharmacist | Gayborhood
“Yes. I love her. I think she’s bold, brave and beautiful. She was within her First Amendment rights when spoofing Trump. She speaks for many of us who don’t have a voice.”