Obituary: David “Scoops” Dyer, radio show entertainer, 36

 Morning radio host and producer David “Scoops” Dyer died Dec. 24 at age 36.

Dyer, who graduated from Temple University in 2001 with a degree in communications, was well-known for his passion in radio and film, especially in Philadelphia.

Friends described Dyer as “charismatic and full of spirit.” 

“He was super vivacious. He was a star — positive and bright. He was my first artistic comrade. He always said, ‘If we can dream it, we can be it.’ David had soul and energy that could connect to others,” said Jess Conda, a close friend from high school.

After graduating from Lenape High in New Jersey, Dyer went off into the world to pursue different avenues in the entertainment industry.

He eventually found his way to Kansas City, MS, where he became a morning radio-show co-host and producer. The on-air talent later returned to the Philadelphia area and co-founded and managed Street Talkin’ — an online magazine — where he worked with Gloria Esposito. 

“We would go out on the streets of Philadelphia and go to different venues,” Esposito said. “He did a lot for the gay community back in the day. He really got people to smile. He just brought out this great personality in everyone around him.”

Dyer remained involved in the LGBT community through videography and events.

“He was always there for his mom and he put himself out there all the time. He wanted to say what was on his mind and in his heart,” Esposito said.

Memorial services for Dyer were held privately.

A memorial page was set up online by Dyer’s loved ones.