An early and very personal Christmas present



There’s an old saying that when we’re young our parents watch over us, and we return the favor as adults when our parents are aging. In many families, this causes confusion, disagreements among the family, stress and overall anxiety.

When I returned from Asia about five weeks ago, Jason informed me that his parents had reached a time when they thought it would be good to live near their children. Jason has two sisters living in two other cities but, for various reasons, they decided they should move near Jason and me.

A process like this — arranging movers, Realtors, finding a residence — usually takes a lot of time, but this family, working in tandem and in constant communication, has done all that in harmony. They should all take pride in creating a peaceful move for their parents.

Which brings me to my current feeling: joy. I’m looking forward to Jason’s parents being close by. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed our visits with them and must admit that Jason’s mom is one of the best cooks around. I look at this as a wonderful present and a great way to end what, for me and Jason, has been an incredible year — minus the Trump factor.