What would be a good Halloween costume depicting Donald Trump?

Christina Alexandra
student | West Philadelphia
"The costume should be a fancy tuxedo, with money coming out of the pockets. Trump isn’t a politician but he’s a very successful businessman. He’s made a lot of money. That quality could benefit our country."

Alexis Dundovich
store manager | Antique Row
"The costume should have two faces because President Trump is such a phony. And it should have pussy nooses around both necks — for people to pull. I don’t advocate violence but Trump needs a good kick in his ass."

David Glazer
dog walker | South Philadelphia
"A person walking around with a toilet attached to their ass, holding an Android. Trump does most of his cyberbullying when he’s pooping. Trump’s also a liar. So his face should have a long nose like Pinocchio."

Noelle Johansson
physician | Society Hill
"President Trump’s insensitivity is very unsettling, so any face mask should have fangs like a vampire. Trump lacks compassion for people. And there should be orange straw on top of the mask to represent Trump’s hair."