Who’s your favorite LGBT television character?

Kelly Haggerty
clerk | Gayborhood
“Titus Andromedon from ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ It’s a goofy show but he’s really funny. He takes everything to the extreme. He does parodies that always make me laugh. I’ve binge-watched that show.”

Kurt Hirsch
paralegal | South Philadelphia
"Kurt Hummel from ‘Glee.’ He’s an amazing singer. He’s a little over the top but I enjoy watching him. He doesn’t do anything for me physically, but I admire his energy."

Cecelia Isaacs-Blundin
attorney | Rittenhouse Square
"I’m a huge fan of Jack from ‘Will and Grace.’ I watched the show all through law school. He’s unapologeti-cally himself. His personality is carbonated, when other people are flat."

Vera Torres
scientist | Rittenhouse Square
"Stella Gibson on ‘The Fall.’ It’s on Netflix. She’s a bad-ass bisexual woman in a power position. We need more of that on TV. As a high-ranking police official, she’s very smart and clever. She exemplifies everything a person should be."