Will Trump serve out his full four-year term as president?


Madi Hunt
server | Port Richmond
"Trump is the worst human being I’ve ever seen. But unfortunately our country won’t impeach him, and he’s too prideful to resign. So we’re stuck with him. I just wish this nightmare would end."

Kristina Klukiewski
home-health aid | South Philadelphia
"He’s doing a lot of stupid stuff. I really think he’ll be impeached within the next year or so. And good riddance! He won’t be missed. He’s a boil on the ass of humanity."

Marcello Montagnaro
chef | Port Richmond
"Yes, but he won’t get a second term. America is catching on to his shit. He’s all talk, no action. And his talk is insane. Just look how he flip-flopped on trans rights. Bottom line: He’s underqualified to be president."

Daniel Ortiz
landscaper | Queen Village
"I’d like to see him go. He’s an awful president. But he’ll serve his full term. Nobody is going to stop him from being president. He’s too powerful of a person, and he has too many supporters."