What’s your opinion of Ellen DeGeneres cancelling Kim Burrell’s appearance on her show?


Jessica Batton
maintenance engineer | South Philadelphia
"I love Ellen. I totally support her sexuality, but she could have been a better sport and heard the girl out. Censorship doesn’t solve anything. I think a dialogue between the two ladies could have been handled well, with them talking to each other respectfully."

Alexis Perry
art director | Society Hill
"Ellen missed an opportunity for an important conversation. Maybe she could have given Kim a new perspective. I just wish Ellen had been more open to having a conversation with her. But I also realize that Ellen may be tired of the debate, and I can understand that."

Josh Righter
creative director | Ottsville
"I agree with Ellen. I don’t think she was being too thin-skinned. I understand why Ellen wouldn’t want Kim on the show. Ellen is an icon for the LGBT community; why sully her reputation by having a homophobic guest on her TV show?"

John Shirreffs
student | South Philadelphia
"I agree with Ellen. She can do what she wants with her show. Kim has no business [being] on her show if she’s opposed to homosexuality. I support Ellen’s decision. Kim shouldn’t be making money on Ellen’s back if she’s going to bash her lifestyle."