What’s your opinion of brown and black stripes added to Philadelphia’s rainbow flag?


Ruth Bohlander
adjunct professor | Point Breeze
"I support the change. I’m extremely liberal and I’m very supportive of racial equality. Our city, unfortunate-ly, is one of the most segregated cities in the country. Anything we can do to ring a bell for equality, I’m all for."

Ally Casey
preschool teacher | Queen Village
"Keep the rainbow flag as it was. I’m more for maintaining the tradition. A rainbow is a rainbow. It doesn’t have brown and black colors in it. The rainbow flag has represented the LGBT community for many years. Why mess with it?"

Kelly Chambers
graduate student | Northern Liberties
"I see both sides. But there’s so much racial tension. Why not make a point for racial equality, wherever you can? I think it’s fine to add the brown and black stripes."

Marie Murphy
Realtor | Queen Village
"I agree with the change. Why not? Who does it hurt? The rainbow flag was beautiful as it was but it’s even more beautiful with the added colors. The LGBT civil-rights movement exemplifies inclusion. Why not continue to evolve by adding the new colors?"