What advocacy cause should Melania Trump promote?

Marissa Athar
nurse | Queen Village
"Disability rights. It’s our next frontier. We’ve done LGBT rights. Now the disabled really need some protections. I saw [on TV] a man with cerebral palsy sucker-punched by someone, for no reason. That was so sad."

Jason Cox
software engineer | Gayborhood
"Environ-mental issues. Our environment is going to pot. The ice cap is melting. Pollution is increasing. Melania has to do something. Her husband won’t help. He’s only making things worse by dismantling the EPA rather than fixing it."

Renee Stanzione
server | Gayborhood
"Health care for everybody. That’s a basic necessity for a safe and civil society. Affordable housing would be nice, too. Melania Trump is no Michelle Obama but I’m hoping she’ll do something for the betterment of society."

Kellie Zimmerman
store clerk | Fairmount
"Education. It’s so important for our youth. Education meant a lot for me. I’d like to see her promote that cause. It can benefit many people. Education is a way to achieve social progress."