Poetry Corner: The power of growth

    Maturity is in the rearranging of priorities

    where one is spending their energy,

    Life will reflect in lessons

    the process of unfolding in new directions.

    In order to meet set goals

    to alchemize darkness into gold

    spirit has to transform so one’s wings will unfold


    To dare to balance

    Being vulnerable and bold

    One must learn to hold onto their core

    In a world whose ways can be cold

    Intuition helps guide the journey through it

    Where darkness is transformed into light

    Ignorance destroyed and replaced with insight


    Life is at the death of destruction

    Reborn from previous forms

    Ascending through experience

    Living now asking faith for direction


    Timothy Wayne Moore is an organizational project manager for a community organization that helps ex-felons integrate back into society. He is also a musician whose music can be found at www.soundcloud.com/timwmoore87. Follow him on Twitter: @Timothywm7887.