Should city workers be asked to voluntarily offer their LGBT status for diversity tracking?


Charvelle Holder
model | Los Angeles
"No, I think that’s too intrusive. It’s applying pressure on somebody that shouldn’t have that pressure. I understand why the city would want to track race and gender. But LGBT is going too far. I don’t see the need to know."

Florian Lawrence
server | South Philadelphia
"No. That question doesn’t have anything to do with a person’s work ethic. Our society is getting too concerned with people’s private affairs and information. We have to draw the line at some point. It’s not necessary to ask about somebody’s LGBT status."

Jennifer Notorfrancesco
photographer | South Philadelphia
"No, there’s too much potential for misuse in this current political climate. The information may not be used properly. I appreciate the intention of helping the LGBT community. But I’m not sure that’s what will happen."

Arielle Padilla
salesperson | North Philadelphia
"No. It’s too personal to ask something like that. It’s like asking, ‘How many kids do you have in your home?’ That’s too much. What you are is nobody’s business."