What’s your reaction to the Boy Scouts accepting trans boys?


Debbie Drubin
pet sitter | Queen Village
“I think it’s wonderful. If acceptance can start at such a young age, all the better. The kids will all be in uniforms. What difference does it make what’s under their uniforms? I look forward to the day when someone’s gender and gender identity are irrelevant.”

Tyanne McClaine
dog walker | Society Hill
“It’s great that they’ll let trans boys in the group. But what about gay and trans adults? They should be accepted as well. They can make sure the trans boys are safe and comfortable.” [Ed note: The Scouts currently accept gay adult leaders; its policy on trans leaders is unclear.]

Larry Monroe Jr.
musician | North Philadelphia
“All people of all types should be welcome. I know that hasn’t always been the case with the Boy Scouts. But it’s a step in the right direction, I believe. It’s a step toward people just becoming more open-minded. The [Scouts] should have done this years ago.”

April Walden
veterinary technician | Olney
“It’s good news because you’re empowering children. If a trans boy wants to join the Scouts, more power to him! I just hope the Scouts will implement safeguards to prevent any bullying or other violence against the trans boys.”