Should Donald Trump visit the Pulse Nightclub site?

Cameron Ogle
graphic designer | Washington Square West
"No. He’ll just make the situation worse. Trump doesn’t have sincerity. His visit would be an act, not from the heart. My personal preference is that Trump doesn’t go there. I think he’s in over his head."

Maddy Pelesh
student | North Philadelphia
"Trump can do whatever he wants. I would never stop anyone from visiting the site. It’s a public place. But I don’t feel he’s totally supportive of the gay community. His presence at Pulse wouldn’t persuade me otherwise."

Melissa Reed
nanny | Seattle, Wash.
"No. He should stay away from it. His appearance would just be a publicity stunt. He would just pretend to be open to diversity. But he’s truly not."

Julian Thompson
educator | South Philadelphia
"No. Trump doesn’t represent the values that the LGBT community holds dear. His attendance would only be self-serving. If he decides to use his power to support the LGBT community, that would be a different story."