Will there be a cure for AIDS in your lifetime?


Joseph Conicelli
student | South Philadelphia
"Yes, within the next 20 years. I trust science and modern medicine. The LGBT movement will keep the fight going. They’ll push it forward. Many LGBT people are becoming scientists. They’ll be motivated to find a cure."

Kate Reber
teacher | South Philadelphia
"Yes, I’m optimistic there will be an actual cure for HIV/ AIDS in my lifetime. Granted, it’s been 35 years and we haven’t gotten there yet. But I have to feel we’re getting closer. We’re making strides."

Sean Sheffler-Collins
scientist | South Philadelphia
"Yes, they’ve made breakthroughs in extending lives and managing symptoms. We’ve moving in the right direction. I think within the next decade or two, we’ll have a cure. When that happens, it will be

Ryan Smith
Uber driver | Point Breeze
"No. I’m more pessimistic. Many people are making a lot of money, keeping the AIDS industry alive. They’ll keep it going for at least another 50 years. I’m 36 years old
now. So I don’t think I’ll be alive to see a cure for AIDS."