Should anyone who sends anti-LGBT emails hold a taxpayer-funded job?


Andrea Bykovsky
nanny | Gayborhood
"No. People who’ve made it that far to a leadership position shouldn’t get a second chance. They’ve violated the public trust. Fire them! Even if they give an apology, it would just be a publicity stunt."

Justine Walker
bartender | Gayborhood
"No. LGBT people have lost their jobs for decades, just for being who they are. I think it’s perfectly fair to lose your job, just for being a bigot. And I’ll shed no tears when they go."

Cecilia Miller
glassblower | Frederick, Md.
"No. I don’t want my tax dollars supporting bigotry. Maybe five years from now, they could try to get their job back. I do believe people can change their views. But for now, they’ve forfeited their right to hold that position."

John Freemind
inventory-control specialist | Westchester, N.Y.
"No. This is 2016. Fire their asses. It’s completely unacceptable. They’re to work for the public. If they can’t do that without insulting people, off to the dungeons! If you’re not a person of integrity, you shouldn’t be working for the public."